Specialty green coffee traders, sourcing from 26 origins on behalf of over 1000 roasters.


We believe that economic viability and dignity are the pathways to improved livelihoods and environmental stewardship. Our social projects are intended to uphold good labour standards, gender and racial equality, to respect and preserve community relations and provide opportunity for socio economic empowerment.




Falcon Coffees Peru

We believe that Peru has the potential to match up on quality to any of its origin counterparts in Latin America. We set out to

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Farmer Training, RTC Rwanda

Increasing farmers’ coffee yields and quality has proven to have the biggest direct impact on farmer household income. In partnership with sister company RTC, Falcon

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Quality Uplift, Honduras

The Aruco Cooperative was established in 2006 with 14 farmers with a desire to access supply chains and pricing that reflected their coffee’s true quality.

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Falcon and Cup of Excellence Peru

Quality drives market demand at premium prices, immediately impacting household revenue. Quality demands training and investment, opening the door to Good Agricultural Practices and incentivising

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