Specialty green coffee traders, sourcing from 26 origins on behalf of over 1000 roasters.


Addis Ababa

Considered by many to be coffee’s spiritual home, the high-altitude rain forest coffees of Ethiopia exhibit a complexity and diversity of flavour profiles seen nowhere else in the world. We have seen demand for Ethiopian coffee grow year upon year, due in part to the surge in interest and huge growth from the specialty market since the mid-late 2000s. In 2018 we made the move to open a representative office in Ethiopia’s capital city, Addis Ababa in order to provide presence and ground support to our supply chains and regions of sourcing activity. In 2021 we imported over 6,000 metric tons of Ethiopian coffee for both commercial and specialty roasters which contributed approximately 20% of our annual imports across all origins for that year.

Our office is situated in the SNAP Plaza Building just 1 kilometre from the city’s main airport and nearby to the main hotel areas as well as the main ring road. We have a cupping and quality control facility here, providing situational convenience for clients wishing to assess coffees during their journeys in and out of the country. It is also in good proximity to our partner courier’s office which aids the fast transit of sample material. The office is serviced with good utility infrastructure and is managed by our team of seven staff which make up our QC and logistics departments and includes an in house agronomist.