Specialty green coffee traders, sourcing from 26 origins on behalf of over 1000 roasters.


Austin, Texas

Falcon opened the doors of its North American office in 2017 in the burgeoning coffee city of Austin, Texas. Our office is located in the heart of the vibrant East Austin neighbourhood and is home to our sales, quality, and sustainability teams who focus a dedicated service to our North American roaster client base. Our North American logistics team are also based here and maintain an import network to 12 warehouses across the US as well as Canada.

Our main warehouses for our specialty micro lot spot coffees are the Annex in Oakland, Continental Warehouse in NJ, and Dupuy Warehouse in Houston. Check below to download our North American specialty offer list or to sign up for our bi-weekly specialty newsletter.


Kevin is based in Austin, TX and is focused on sales to the North American market. Before joining Falcon, Kevin held positions at Keurig Green Mountain and Keurig Trading in Lausanne, Switzerland, where he managed the sourcing of African and Asian coffees and the procurement planning for their seven different roasting plants. Prior to his time in coffee, Kevin spent 12 years in the snowboard and skateboard industry in various logistics and supply chain roles. In addition to his extensive origin travel, Kevin is a licensed Q grader and an experienced differential buyer.

Brian is based in Austin TX and is focused on sales to the North American market. Brian’s coffee journey started writing bad poetry at cafes in Berkeley California during high school. This love of coffee and language fused with his first coffee job as a barista at Peet’s Coffee.

He quickly gained a reputation as a very slow barista (before slow was cool) and focused on romancing customers purchasing bags of coffee with long, poetic descriptions. After moving to Seattle Brian worked for Tully’s Coffee where his responsibilities were Master Roaster, Green Coffee buyer, developing quality control procedures for roasting and packaging, blend development and warehouse management. Most recently Brian worked for a large specialty-focused coffee importer for 10 years focusing on sales to north American clients and was responsible for purchases from East Africa for the company. Brian is a Q grader.

Corey started working in coffee while in university studying religious studies and sociology. It started as a way to meet people who weren’t students, but it wasn’t long before she was connecting her philosophical ideas to the coffee world and turning tasting notes into poems. Corey trained baristas and managed events before heading to the west coast to pursue a graduate degree in poetry & continue working in coffee as a barista trainer. She then moved behind the scenes to production, roasting, and working on espresso machines before becoming a production manager.
Before joining the team at Falcon, Corey worked for a specialty coffee roaster for 5 years buying green coffee, overseeing the operations side of the coffee program, and managing production & wholesale, which is also how she became acquainted with Falcon. She is now based in Austin TX and focused on North America specialty sales for Falcon, a job that brings her experience and love for connecting with roasters and producers together.