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Falcon & Siruma Coffee, Colombia
Siruma Peru

Title: Falcon and Siruma Collaboration

ESG(s): Social, economic

Origin/locations: Colombia – Cauca, Tolima, Caldas

Timeline: Commenced 2021 – ongoing

Partner orgs: Falcon, Siruma


People: TBC




Due to issues of security, some of Colombia’s largest coffee producing regions are also some of its most inaccessible. Establishing trade in specialty coffee in these regions can provide a viable economic alternative to illegal crop production. In 2021 Falcon and Siruma announced a joint venture to source and market specialty coffee together in Colombia. Its purpose is to provide farmers with access to premium market and improved transparency in the supply chain through shared data from how much farmers are paid for their coffee through to how it’s shipped.


This joint venture followed a three-year period of finding and fostering strong trading relationships. It was designed to facilitate the growth and deepen the impact of specialty supply chains. We aim to source qualities that range from core regional lots (84+), through to exceptional microlots (85+), including experimental processes and exotic cultivars.

Siruma is currently working in the regions Cauca, Tolima, and Caldas. We chose to work in these regions due to the potential for both quality discovery and socio-economic impact.

Establishing a partnership with producers happens through four main stages. Firstly, we identify the farmer group. Here Siruma will conduct meetings with the farmer(s) to explore their interest in implementing a specialty supply chain. Once identified, we aim to understand the farmer’s goals, interests and needs, along with any potential commercial opportunities. Next a baseline survey is conducted at farm level to determine production potential, harvest/post-harvest, and sustainability practices. Depending on the results, a farmer support plan will be designed. This can include individual farm visits, group workshops or larger, funded, training days with the aim of exploring how to optimise quality and production.


As of 2021 Falcon Specialty purchases 100% of its Colombian coffees through Siruma-managed supply chains.

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