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EUDR Status Update – May 2024
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We’re pleased to bring you a short interview with our Director of Sustainability, Kate Monteiro, on the progress of our preparation for the forthcoming EUDR regulation.  

“Falcon is in a really strong place. I want to make sure that our partners know that. We are aware of how difficult this is because we have been doing our homework for a really long time”.

Hi Kate.

Last summer we published some thoughts about the potential impacts of EUDR. In the time since, we’ve worked to increase our readiness. As it stands, it’s now well inside a year until it becomes reality. But recently, some industry voices have called for the European Commission to push back the deadline for the implementation of the regulation into law.  

KM: I think all of these voices are an acknowledgement of just how long it’s taken for the entire supply chain to even become aware of EUDR, let alone to respond to it. It’s felt like upstream communication was left largely to the industry itself and, with 25 million smallholder coffee farmers around the world, there are still many producers – particularly those not a part of any producer organisation – that remain out of the loop and will therefore, unfortunately, most likely be cut out of this market.  

If you couple that with what I believe can generously be described as limited guidance from the EU about putting the regulation into practice, you’re left with an industry that feels ill-prepared to exhaustively evaluate its deforestation risk on the current timeline.  

KM: It’s an accurate assumption. Yes, you will be absolutely fine buying from our spot position. Even people buying outside of the EU who may need to import it into the EU later themselves will be fine as well. Part of the role of our sales staff is to work with our customers to ensure we understand what they need from their coffees. And just as someone might need a Fair Trade coffee, if someone needs an EUDR-compliant coffee, that’s something that we’ll be able to do. That’s part of our service.  

KM: The auditing of EUDR compliance is left to the countries within the EU. Each country is given latitude on implementation, as long as they’re complying with the regulation. This is one of the many questions that we’re looking for more clarity on from the EU.