Falcon Coffees

What is Direct Trade coffee?

Direct Trade coffee is when the roaster and consumer who buy coffee have a clear line of sight to the farmers who grow that coffee.

What makes a supply chain “ethical”?

An ethical supply chain is where everyone in a supply chain behaves in a manner in keeping with the principles of trust, transparency and integrity. It is based upon the idea of co-operation rather than competition; Nurturing rather than predatory.

How does one make a coffee supply chain transparent?

By understanding every participant’s role in the supply chain, the real costs involved and what the farmers actually put in their pockets after all the costs are deducted.

What is a Collaborative Supply Chain model?

To grow, finance, mill, export, transport, roast, distribute and prepare a cup of coffee, from point of origin to the cup, is a complex process requiring many different people and organisations with a variety of skill-sets and resources. By recognising this truth, it’s possible to agree to work together and to each take a profit, after costs, based on the real value of what you bring to the supply chain. Working together for a shared goal, with complete transparency, is what defines our Collaborative Supply Chains.

What is an “origin partner”?

An origin partner is a local person or company situated inside the coffee growing country. They provide services to farmers, such as finance, milling and export. With local language, an understanding of local culture and a vested interest in the local economy, they are key to Falcon being able to reach out to, and communicate with, thousands of farmers living in hard to reach places.