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Drying Beds Project, Colombia

Origin/location: Colombia-San Lorenzo, Rio Sucio, Caldas, Colombia

Timeline: Commenced March 2020

Partner orgs: Kaffa, Siruma, Alto Occidente Cooperative

Budget: 10 USD cts/lb will be invested in the project activites. Estimated budget $16,975 (currently collected $4244)

People: 30 Growing families



For the farmers of the San Lorenzo region of Colombia, coffee production is their principal way of life. Yet food insecurity and poverty are ever-present threats to communities of this area.We have joined with Kaffa roasters, Siruma and Alto Occidente on a multi-faceted project in San Lorenzo that aims to improve food security, through improving coffee quality.

Together we are working to support the renovation of San Lorenzo’s coffee crops by delivering certified coffee seeds as well as transitory crop seeds such as corn and beans to be established in association with coffee in its early stages. This project aims to providing theaccess to the materials, infrastructure and training needed to break the cycles that keep these communities impoverished.


Kaffa finances the project with a per/lb premium on their purchases and Siruma supports the project by facilitating the execution of activities on the ground. Falcon supports this work by administering the financing and securing the high-quality coffees that Kaffa seeks to procure. Kaffa is supplying the financial investment and Siruma will be coordinating the delivery of seeds, providing training on quality improvement and maintenance, technical support,and installation of improved drying bed infrastructure.


From the project’s outset early in 2020, intended outcomes were:

• to achieve a coffee premium as perceived by farmers as a result of improving their coffee quality.

• Additional economic resources generated by establishing the transitory crops associated with the coffee.

• Increased coffee growing areas established with good quality agronomic materials.

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