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Falcon and Cup of Excellence Peru

ESG(s): Economic, social, governance

Origin/Location: Jaen, Peru

Timeline: 2018-2021


Quality drives market demand at premium prices, immediately impacting household revenue. Quality demands training and investment, opening the door to Good Agricultural Practices and incentivising improved environmental stewardship.

There is no greater commercial achievement for a coffee producer than placing in the Cup of Excellence competition. It is a badge of honour that provides life changing recognition for producers who go the extra mile with their investments of time, resources and skills. It is the industry gold standard for driving world class quality. Hundreds of farmers enter these competitions, very few make the top ten due to the rigorous scoring criteria.


In 2018 Falcon Coffees Peru was established in the northern town of Jaen with an initial intake of 35 farmers. Among them is Eli Espinoza, owner of a small four-hectare farm, high up in the village of Las Pirias. In 2019 Eli enterered the Cup of Excellence Peru competition for the first time. He is unsuccessful but receives vital feedback. Under the guidance of our agronomist Simon Brown, our team in Jaen set to work deriving the maximum potential from Eli’s farm. A solar dryer is installed with Falcon’s help and under Simon’s guidance, Eli begins to experiment with natural processing.


In 2020 Eli re-entered Cup of Excellence Peru and won 8th place with a score of 88.73. This marked the first time ever a natural coffee has placed in the top 10.

Eli is not the only success story out of the 325 farmers working with Falcon by 2022 in northern Peru. In the same year another Falcon Coffees Peru farmer, Fidel Huancas, enters the competition for the first time and wins 4th place with a score of 88.92. Falcon paid $15.50/lb ($34.17/kg) for this micro lot of 538lbs (244kg). Fidel earned $10,211 and doubled his household income for the year.

In the 2021 competition, a total of 5 Falcon Coffees Peru farmers placed in the top 24 with 2 in the top 10. We bought 3 of these lots paying an average price of 1540 c/lb and doubling the household income for these farmers:

· José Elmer Tineo Mendoza placed 3rd with a cup score of 90. Falcon paid $7,301.5 for the lot of 264.55lbs (119kg) at $27.60/lb ($60.84/kg).

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