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Falcon HQ Zero Waste Project, Lewes UK
Falcon office

Origin: n/a

Timeline: 2019-2020

Partner orgs: Paper Round

Budget: n/a

People: n/a


Outline: As well as setting ourselves ambitious goals on a corporate, operational level, we are also looking at what we can do closer to home, whether it be behavioural change in the things we consume or the ways we commute to work, we are also aiming to make Falcon work spaces align with our strong environmental philosophy. We decided to start by measuring waste consumption at our UK office and aim to hit the status of ‘zero-waste-to-landfill’ before 2020.

With the help of Brighton-based waste management company, Paper Round, we achieved this goal 4 months ahead of schedule in August 2019. We carefully assessed where we could make the most meaningful changes. This involved looking at everything from alternatives for our office supplies, down to where we get the office milk from, making sure that things like paper, stationary and the cleaning products we use, were recyclable and or reusable, non-harmful, and locally sourced, and even having somewhere to properly dispose of batteries. We also switched all supplies used in our QC lab for how we distribute samples.

Since 2020 all samples dispatched are sent in fully home compostable and marine degradable Natureflex bags, inside fully recyclable and reusable paper envelopes. We even recycle all the spent coffee we consume in the office. Each week it is collected by a local farm who use it in their compost mix for their crops. Paper Round also record our recycling and waste production data for us in reports so it can be fully monitored.

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