Falcon Coffees


Falcon’s partners in Uganda – Great Lakes – are of Greek Cypriot descent and are patrons to an ordained Greek Orthodox Priest – Father Antonios. He returned from Greece to his home region of Luwero in central Uganda, where he established a community school and orphanage, alongside various other community projects. Falcon had installed a small hulling unit, so that the parish could generate an income by providing a hulling service to the local robusta farmers. The parish feeds 1200 orphans a day, and upon speaking to the priest’s wife, we learnt that around half of these are HIV orphans, whilst the other half have been given away by their parents, who were forced, due to extreme poverty, to make a choice about which of their children they could afford to feed and look after.

We spoke with Doug Walsh, the director of coffee at Peets, and explained our feeling that sometimes we like to do just one thing that isn’t leveraged off coffee – in order to help those people who are desperately poor and don’t even have enough money to own coffee trees. Falcon organised the sale of Ugandan (non-robusta) coffee to Peets, who produced an anniversary Ugandan coffee blend and hosted a fundraiser, whereby all of the profits raised were donated to the orphanage and parish at Luwero –  a gift of $80,000 USD. This was used to buy a vehicle, build a technical college and add further assets to their infrastructure.