Falcon Coffees


The Eastern Congo Initiative is involved with a  number of social upliftment programs in north and south Kivu. One of these programs involves coffee, and in the first year ECI have collaborated with Falcon, Rwanda Trading Company and CoffeeLac – Falcon’s partners in the Congo. The three coffee companies have helped design and build wet mills, have provided working capital to finance these farmers, provided the dry milling and export as well as the sales and full supply chain logistics to get these coffees to market. This coffee is sold at a premium price to Starbucks, with the intention of making it a ‘Special Reserve’ to showcase coffees from this region. This program represents the power of building collaborative supply chains in a way that accesses some of the most hard to reach people and radically increase their revenue. Falcon’s intention is to leverage the success of these three wet mills and to multiply this model throughout the north and south Kivu provinces.