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How to Order:

We cater for all sizes of Roastery. You can purchase a single box of coffee (30kg) or an entire container (19 tons). Simply fill in the contact form in the sidebar and we will get in touch.

We purchase specialty coffee from more than 15 countries. The harvesting times are spread throughout the year. You can find a calendar of harvest seasons on our resources page. We will not always have every origin in stock but with some planning we can ensure you get the coffees you need.

How do I Choose Which Coffees to Buy?

Choosing coffees for your offering can be a daunting task especially when if you are new to the industry. Understanding what you want from a coffee is the most important thing. Once you know this we can help you narrow down the options to achieve the flavours you are looking for. We purchase over 400 individual specialty lots each year so we will have something that fits your needs. We have over 35 years combined experience in blending and developing coffee offerings.

Our staff have worked at every level in the industry from Barista to Master Roaster to origin processing specialist. No matter what your question one of us will be able to help you with the answer.


We can supply you with green or roasted samples of our coffees. Green samples are provided as 100g and roasted samples are sent out in 35g (enough to cup).

You can order samples directly from our website www.falconspecialty.com


Most of our coffee is shipped on Euro pallets. We can pack anywhere from a single bag up to 12 bags on a pallet. Any combination of boxes and bags can be put on a pallet so you can mix and match.

All our coffee is stored at ENITI in Bury St Edmonds in the UK. This is a well-known specialty coffee warehouse. If you are local, it is possible to arrange pickup of your coffee.

Each origin has their own standards in terms of bag or box size. Below if a rough guide. The packaging for each lot can be seen on our offer list.


60 KG – Brazil, Africa

69 KG – Central America

70 KG – Colombia

60 KG – Asia

Vac-Pac Boxes: 

30 KG – Africa

34.5 KG – Central America

24 KG – Colombia


We can arrange all the haulage to your door. This is charged out at our cost. Because of this we have some of the most competitive shipping rates in coffee. We ship to 39 countries globally.

If you have specific requirements in terms of the kind of vehicle you can receive be sure to let us know. Please be aware that these requirements can increase the cost.

You are welcome to organise your own haulage if you prefer. In certain European countries it’s cheaper to arrange your haulage locally.


We can offer payment terms to customers once we have an established trading relationship. Please contact us to find out more about our payment Terms & Conditions.

All Payments are collected via BACS. We can issue invoices and accept payment in GBP, USD or Euro.

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