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Hurricane Relief, Honduras

Origin: Honduras

Timeline: November 2020

Partner orgs: Honduras suppliers Beneficio San Marcos and CADEXSA, Falcon Coffees

Budget: $6,600

People: 100-150



In November 2020,back-to-back hurricanes caused widespread devastation throughout Central America and impacted the lives of millions of people. Flooding and landslides severely affected agricultural zones and caused major damage to infrastructure.


Falcon set up a relief fund to directly aid affected communities.Funds were distributed via our supply chain partners,Beneficio San Marcos and Cadexsa. Beneficio San Marcos utilized the donations to purchase sixteen 5000L capacity water tanks and 50 water filters for the communities of Belen Gualcho and Sensenti in Ocotepeque.

Cadexsa also invested the donated funds in the purchase of water filters for affected families. Potable water was in short supply after the hurricanes due to infrastructure damage, and access to safe and reliable water resources was highlighted as an immediate area for immediate support and investment. Both suppliers also utilized the funding to purchase biosecurity kits for farmers and the wider communities, including medical supplies and personal protective equipment.

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