Falcon Coffees

Our Purpose

What We Do

We source green coffee from eighteen producing countries, and work with coffee roasting companies all over the world. Last year, we spent $95 million dollars buying coffee from rural farming communities in some of the poorest economies in the world. The way we do this is unique.

How We Do It

We build Collaborative Supply Chains. By mobilizing communities, getting thousands of people to stand together, we can harness the strength of their combined production, leveraging access to international markets and connecting them to the communities that drink their coffee.

Through our origin projects and partnerships, we create access to credit, provide agronomy training, support gender initiatives and raise funds for education.

We collaborate. We work with good people.

Why We Do It

Poverty is the greatest hurdle to sustainability in agriculture and the protection of bio-diversity.

Our aim is to unlock the potential that coffee holds to improve the lives of the 25 million smallholder farmers that make up the base of our industry. Coffee has the power to change entire economies.

Our intention is to help build a sustainable blueprint for how all agricultural products will be traded in the future.

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